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Prevent Child Abuse Henry County

A child’s dreams represent the very essence of true happiness.  And those dreams can become reality when each child has the opportunity to a healthy and happy childhood.  Eventually many will grow to become caring, productive adults.

Unfortunately, the evidence shows child abuse and neglect not only turn dreams to nightmares, it can lead to a lifetime of poor decisions caused by damage to a developing child’s brain.  Not only is the damage from abuse harmful to the child; it resonates throughout the community and harms a community’s economic prosperity and quality of life.

The good news is that child abuse is preventable!

Our mission at Prevent Child Abuse Henry County is to stop child abuse and neglect before it begins.  We are a resource for parents and families, connecting them with help, support and educational materials and programs.  We continuously strive and advocate new programs and policies that will increase the community's awareness, offer support to the affected families and to prevent the abuse from continuing.

We are reaching out to give every parent, teacher, coach and business leader in every community the tools to ensure a child's healthy and successful future.  Our children are counting on us.  And we're counting on your support too!