About Us

Prevent Child Abuse America, founded in 1972, is the only organization in the United States with the sole mission of "prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation's children" (including all forms of abuse and neglect, whether physical, sexual, educational, or emotional). We believe that our mission is best achieved by ensuring a child's right to achieve his or her full potential. PCA is focused on communities, activities and public policies that prioritize prevention right from the start to make sure child abuse and neglect never occurs.

In recognizing our mission, we inform the public that the prevention of abuse and neglect decreases lifelong adverse medical and emotional consequences for children and promotes their well-being. It also reduces the costs of human services, delinquency and criminal justice services and the loss of work productivity.

PCAHC, Henry County’s chapter of Prevent Child Abuse Georgia (established in 1984), is a citizen based organization dedicated to stimulate public awareness, provide training and education of the community, and offer child abuse prevention programs in Henry County.  


What do we do?

  • Support Parents through our flagship program, “First Steps”.
  • Offer the training program, “Darkness to Light: Steward of Children” to educate the community about recognizing and preventing sexual child abuse.
  • Educate and support children through workshops such as “Good Touch/ Bad Touch."
  • Advocate for child protection at the legislative level; lobbying for the Child Endangerment Act.
  • Train professionals at workshops like “Child Abuse 101," a course designed to teach adults how to recognize the signs of child abuse.
  •  Increase public awareness through educational programs and events like Pinwheels for Prevention, and Walk 4 Their Future. These programs highlight the opportunity and need for changes that will ensure child abuse or neglect cases are eliminated from Henry County.
  • Maintain a strong statewide network to grow, educate and share information between various not-for-profit charities and governmental agencies.